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Who are we?

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Based in the South of Thailand on the island of Phuket, Emotions.asia is a French-Thai agency that specialises in organising trips to Phuket and its neighbouring provinces.

The 2 founders are tourism professionals.

Christian CHEVRIER

Christian Chevrier

very well regarded locally, he has been a hotel manager for one of the most iconic brands in the French tourism industry for 25 years. He has been the co-founder and co-manager for more than 20 years of several tourism companies in Thailand and more particularly in Phuket (Phuket Adventure and Phuket Réceptif). Very involved in local and associative life, he is also an advisor to French people living abroad in Thailand and Myanmar and the president of “UFE Phuket”.

Chrisophe Quiec - UFE Phuket

Christophe Quiec

He is a travel professional with a career spanning more than 20 years within several major French tourism brands. Passionate about Asia and more particularly Thailand for more than 20 years, his country of heart …
Expatriate in Thailand, he came to carry out his professional project in Phuket. 


Choosing a local French-speaking inbound agency means trusting experts in the destination. Our agency is on a human scale, so that we can offer you carefully designed and personalised programmes that are tailored to your needs.

Our team is French-Thai, allowing us to combine our skills and know-how, with ever more welcoming guides and a logistics team that knows the country inside out! We are able to offer you a quality service according to your requirements, as well as perfect on-site support.

Emotions.Asia expands your horizons, in addition to the iconic sites, we can offer you experiences off the beaten track, in contact with local people, with respect for the Thai culture and for the search for unique discoveries.

With our years of experience in the field, we create holidays, organised packages, tours of all lengths, excursions and trips adapted to your desires.

Serving travel agencies

We constantly challenge ourselves and help you discover sides of Thailand that do not always exist in guide books, guaranteeing your travellers a great experience.

Custom-made and private holidays for your clients or groups managed by a team of experts. A real adventure tailored to your requirements!

The spirit of Emotions.Asia is to be present in all phases of the trip, to allow your customers to fully enjoy their holidays without having to worry about the rest. But it also means sharing with you our daily experience, an way of life and traditions that characterise Thailand so well.

Thailand has a special place in the hearts of travellers. Whether it’s beaches, mountains, nature, culture, food, nightlife, safety (no crime), no religious problems… and top of the line hospital services, Thailand offers unbeatable options at an extraordinary price.

With its tropical environment, friendly people and quality tourism infrastructure, it’s no wonder people visit this kaleidoscopic nation again and again.

We are waiting for you!

We will share with you our love of Thailand, a country about which we are constantly updating our knowledge in order to offer you new ideas at every opportunity. In Phuket we can be found wherever there is something to discover.

We are ready to answer all your questions and remain at your disposal for further information.

So who better than us to guide you?

Local partnerships

A partnership for the ecology and the protection of the nature of the island with the foundation “Oceans For All“, with which we engage in various actions.

Ocean For All Foundation- Emotions ASIA

A partnership in education and training for the tourism industry with the Prince of Songkhla University in Phuket, involving student interns.

We work daily to maintain an excellent reputation and image with the local tourism industry.

We are assisted by an international law firm in Bangkok (Thai lawyer speaking French) and by a local law firm in Phuket.

We have all the required insurances for our company and our staff is socially covered (something not common in Thailand except within large companies).

Thailand will captivate you with their incredible diversity and will give you unforgettable emotions!

Christophe QUIECCo-Fondateur

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