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Our services

Travel Agency

We are your representative.

If you have individual clients or groups who need to come to Phuket, we offer you to host them on your behalf.

You want to customise packages for trips to Phuket? We can help you build it for different budgets, for different types of stays, (simple package, package with excursions, golf, scuba diving package, etc….).

You want to promote an “à la carte” Phuket?For all budgets, we can offer your customers different types of accommodation: Guest house, 2, 3, 4, 5 star hotels, private rooms, apartments, bungalows, small houses, luxury and super luxury villas, etc… Along with the accommodation, and always a la carte, we can offer you different options for excursions, scuba diving, spa-programs, etc…

Depending on your budget and business strategy, we can customise the greeting of your clients with special attentions: local welcome gifts, t-shirts, fruit baskets, flower bouquets, souvenir photos, cocktails or even more: private limousines, show or tour invitations, special dinners, spa-massage programs.

Tour Operator

We are at your service

If you are looking for a solid partner in Phuket, we can provide you with all our logistical, IT, transport and personnel capabilities in order to receive your clients and organise their holidays.

Locally, we can organise everything for you. We can help with the setup, development, follow-up, logistical and legal assistance for all new tours or themed tourism products such as scuba diving, adventure, cultural, sports, golf, spa-programs, or any idea… We are open and interested in all proposals and suggestions.

We are seasoned professionals in the tourism industry and with our extensive experience, we offer you the opportunity to better customise and organise the visit of your clients by providing more warmth, more attention, more fun, more ideas and above all, a permanent and direct French representative on site.


We stage your projects

You want to organize a holiday in Phuket, in direct contact with a French correspondent, from the conception to the realization of your project, we provide the complete management of your project.

Our offer covers the traditional duties of an inbound agency, i.e.: greeting, transfers, confirmation of plane tickets, information briefings plus documentation about Phuket, room tracking, assistance, etc.

Depending on your budgets, we work together on the development of the programs, planning and events that you want to offer your clients.

We can provide you with a wealth of information about Phuket, suggest various ideas for receptions and events, and consider a range of special touches in your name and brand image to offer to your clients.

We are putting at your service our experience in hospitality and all our knowledge about Phuket.

Our Advantages

The added value for your clients will be a warm welcome, a professional and impeccable follow-up during the whole duration of their holidays that you will not find elsewhere.


The big plus for you will be direct and immediate communication with your French representative, without intermediaries, the possibility of creating your own products, under your brand name, and having a privileged and reliable partner on site to guarantee your clients’ dream holidays.

French contact

If you decide to travel with Emotions.Asia, we will take care of your customers from their arrival to their departure, with a permanent French contact person.

We offer you :

Information and documentation on Phuket. You will be given a number to call if you need to speak to a French contact person at any time.

Emotions: much more than a travel agency...

Unfortunately, unforeseen events (often due to the weather) can always occur, which is why we will remain with you throughout your clients’ stay, in order to accompany you and deal with any unexpected events.

Our guide is there to ensure that your trip goes as smoothly as possible and will make sure to adapt it according to the conditions encountered on site.

We remain available by phone for your clients who have chosen a self-travel option.

For longer tours, we provide a local SIM card on arrival, allowing your clients to contact us if they have any requests, changes or other queries and ensuring a unique and personalised trip.

We do our utmost to offer you the best value for money, thanks to increased research and screening, focusing above all on the safety of your travellers.

Our shipping providers are selected from the best companies. Nevertheless, certain unforeseen events beyond our control may occur: bad weather conditions preventing a transfer by sea, ferry delays, etc. Whatever the unforeseen event may be, we remain at your side to readjust the schedule if necessary and to address this type of inconvenience, so that your clients can enjoy their trip without worrying about the unexpected.

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