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Phuket and its islands

Welcome to Phuket !

Phuket has something for everyone, much more than just beautiful beaches. The natural beauty of the island, its green hills, forests, small jungles, plantations, vegetation and numerous beaches make it a paradise on earth.

It is also a starting point for exciting excursions and sailing adventures in the bays of Phang Nga and Krabi, the famous Phi Phi Islands and a number of small, unspoiled paradise islands, as well as cruises to the Similan Islands and all the way up to Myanmar.

Phuket is close to the major national parks of Khao Lak, Khao sok, Krabi, Phang Nga where you can discover an exceptional tropical fauna and flora, and experience various emotions while cycling, trekking, canoeing, going on traditional boat trips, meeting local communities and ethnic groups, and observing elephants in their sanctuary…

Phuket is also the gateway for those who want to stay and discover Kao Lak, Krabi, Phi Phi, Koh Lanta, Koh Yao, Phang Nga, Racha Islang, Koh Lone, for a few days.

Big Buddha

Today, it is a well-known and renowned destination thanks to its numerous flights, its wide choice of hotels and its pleasant and inexpensive living conditions.

Security is guaranteed, no political problems and no delinquency and aggression. Here the different religions, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and Christians are in perfect harmony and live at the pace of Thailand.
Phuket, with its welcoming and always smiling population, remains the best remedy against stress.

The architecture of Phuket is very diverse with Chinese, Portuguese and Muslim influences.

Restaurant le “Blue Elephant Phuket”

The Thai cuisine with its countless small seafood and fish restaurants will delight your palate.

In addition to the renowned and excellent traditional Thai massages, many hotels and private establishments have launched high quality spa programs for all budgets.

Plages de Kata, Karon et Patong

The landscapes of Phuket ranging from white sandy beaches to rainforest within a few kilometers are a delight for nature lovers.

A diver’s paradise, Phuket is ranked among the best diving destinations in South East Asia.

The coral reefs surrounding the island offer spectacular views, from microscopic fish to whale sharks. Without forgetting the most spectacular of dive spots, the Similan Islands.

The golf courses in Phuket are stunning as the vegetation is blooming all year round.

Phang Nga

The Racha Islands lie to the south east of Phuket and are a popular destination for divers and sea lovers. 2 quality hotels

Kho Yao Islands

Located in the very center of Phang Nga Bay, 40 minutes by boat from Phuket, these islands are untouched by tourists. Two quality hotels have just been set up on beautiful beaches, in a wild and idyllic setting.

Kho Lone Islands

Small island about 20 minutes by boat from Phuket. For the solitary ones and the Robinson Crusoe, 2 small bungalow hotels with a dozen rooms are waiting for you.